The world as we know it, is as a result of our thinking.

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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

I accept this Ideal inspiration award nomination from AP2 and his blog Clean Air turbulence with humility and great honor. He runs a great inspirational blog with amazing and real articles that keeps you interested well through each. He looks to help everyone he can through his own experience with depression and mental health. Kindly… Continue reading Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

#SoCs : Redemption (part 1)

It’s finally Stream of Consciousness Saturday with our ever so lovely Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt being any word ending with “-tion“. Bonus points if you can begin with one. My fiction story started with: Haze factor Tragedy blues Collared in the caves And now the continuation… Caution spread across the forehead of the blue… Continue reading #SoCs : Redemption (part 1)

She Doesn’t Like Nyama Choma.

You know the tingly feeling you get when you love someone? I hear it’s actually common sense leaving someone’s body because sometimes being in love means losing your mind. I know you’re probably thinking that I am just some love-sick fool but honestly tell me what would you do if you saw the most beautiful… Continue reading She Doesn’t Like Nyama Choma.

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