The world as we know it, is as a result of our thinking.

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Similar Differences

It’s another beautiful day where we choose to have joy in our heart no matter the circumstances thrown our way. It’s SoCs! Or Stream Of Consciousness Saturdays with Linda G. Hill. Spare a good wish and a quick recovery prayer for her son, Alex who’s in hospital. May he have a speedy recovery. The prompt… Continue reading Similar Differences

Unlocked Doors

With a tear in eye and straight face, I’ve had and needed to hold the door for my brothers and sisters: some of whom I’ve trusted with my inner most secrets, as they walked out of my life. With the understanding that I never have to keep anyone hostage in my life, that who so… Continue reading Unlocked Doors

12 months a blogger

It’s really been a year. Yaay, me for the consistency (it was hard at times, missed a few posts days but soldiered on). One of the sweet few Covid19 positives for me was that it pushed me to quench my thirst for blogging. I never seemed to have time. Well, until…. Blogging kept me sane… Continue reading 12 months a blogger

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