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New pages

Raising Children from what I’ve heard from many parents will never be easy. You’d think it would easier the more you have but it might not always be the case. “There’s no user manual, they don’t come with instructions, they’re thrown onto your lap and you’re expected to do right by them” Tim said “Furthermore,… Continue reading New pages

Who’s the Real virus?

A virus may be killing a few of us. However, this disease that we have, will be the end of most of us if not us all. In the few weeks that people have been on lock down in many parts of the world, we’ve been noticing changes in the ecosystem: clearer water channels in… Continue reading Who’s the Real virus?

Momma’s Boy

A phrase we are all too familiar with. It’s almost always used as a slur. Well I’ve had it with those people who use it negatively. Most Men are definitely close to their mothers. But, I’d like to focus on the ones who are especially raised by single mothers in the absence of the fathers.… Continue reading Momma’s Boy

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