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Jour De joie

Friday (yesterday) is here and so is Linda with your Stream of Consciousness Saturday post! She’s doing a rare repeat prompt this week, just because. It’s been five and a half years since we’ve had this prompt, (like I’d know I’m only a few months old here 😂) though, so you might not remember what you wrote. Here it is:

Le jour où le monde entier est revenu aux affaires après s’être mis le nez aux élections américaines Pendant quelques semaines.


The day the whole world went back to business after sticking their noses in the USA elections for a few weeks.

I’m glad that clown’s gone. Though I don’t know Biden all that much, he is atleast sane. Now back to affairs of my country, if by now all hope isn’t lost. Lol!

1 thought on “Jour De joie”

  1. The rest of the free world also agrees! A big sigh of relief when Donald Duck Trump got the boot! Now a human being is in charge, instead of a Loony-Tunes cartoon character.
    Let’s hope a valuable lesson has been learned here!


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