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Stream of consciousness Saturday 03/10/20 : Brand Old

Old things are much better in my opinion. They have been better refined through out the years they’ve existed and hold a lot of memories. They’re sentimental and seem timeless.

They tell stories and bring about mostly euphoric nostalgia. You can make all the money and wealth in the world but when you’re old and Grey the happy memories you made are the ones that will put a smile on your face.

Being around old people in their homes is like a museum of memories. Stories that light up their eyes as they narrate. If you’re patient and attentive you may learn a lot and find new wealth unlike the materialistic illusions we chase after.

Someone said, “Out with the old and in with the new”… I’d add “Sometimes the old comes back as the new. For the new will becomes old in time.”

Old is Gold. And I guess gold is old.

Stream of consciousness Saturday by Linda G Hill is here and the prompt for today is new/old. Use one use all however you want. To participate click on the link above and have fun with words.

Blessed weekend.

1 thought on “Stream of consciousness Saturday 03/10/20 : Brand Old”

  1. Sometimes the whole thing seems cyclical, doesn’t it. The hubby says we’re seeing a resurgence of the ’60s with this generation, just hopefully not the bellbottoms.


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