#SoCs stream of consciousness Saturdays, fiction

#SoCs : Redemption (part 1)

It’s finally Stream of Consciousness Saturday with our ever so lovely Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt being any word ending with “-tion“. Bonus points if you can begin with one.

My fiction story started with:

And now the continuation…

Caution spread across the forehead of the blue man as he frantically waved to Fa, Tal and Lity. The man covered in red began to wiggle around.

He lift up his head, squinting hard to catch the heels of Tal as he trailed the other three. Running through mazes, blue man seemed to understand exactly where he needs to go.

“where exactly are we going?” Fa asked skeptical. This was met by nothing not even a glance in response. Tal wasn’t bothered much although he couldn’t sense danger before. A section of his mind was confident they were being lead to safety.

It was getting darker by the distance, until a few corners later, dim light reflection seemed to seep round a few more bends. Coming out of the tunnels to a lake shore, their situation seemed to tumble into more predicaments three were confused as to their location…. Tbc

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