#SoCs stream of consciousness Saturdays, fiction

#SoCs : Collared in the caves

It’s a glorious Saturday and when the sun rises only one thing is on our minds. Stream of Consciousness Saturdays by Linda G. Hill.

I’m hoping to build on Haze Factor and Tragedy blues my fictional story which I started a few weeks ago, using today’s prompt: Collar.

“Is that…. Blood?”. Fa asked, eyes wide open. Lity started to back up and bumped against Fa. “Aaaarrh!” his screams echoed against the cave walls. He turned around and was relieved to see it was only Fa.

Placing his hand around his neck, just above the collar bone, he let out a sigh of relief. Tal was now examining the pool of mixed colors. “It’s not blood”, he said inquisitively.

A shadow crept beside him and what seemed like a chain anchored to a beast. For some reason he wasn’t sensing any danger. Very odd is seemed to him.

Turning towards the other two, he saw them on their knees frantically clasping and clawing at what seemed like collars on their necks.

Suddenly all went dark and when he came to, standing over him was a man covered in red slime. In his hand a leash that sent jolting electric shock to a collar on his neck.

He was too weak to stand let alone confront his captors. His eyes caught a figure behind the shadows. Out of the shadows leaked a blue stream. Blue eyes illuminated and flickered for while.

Then whoooosh! A ribbon of water swiped across and knocked over the man who had collared him. He scrambled up and ran to Fa and Lity.

From the shadows, a huge man stepped out crouching as if to examine the one he just knocked down. Suddenly vapor started to rise from the spot the red guy was lying and the blue man ran off into an opening on the wall, peeping back to signal the others to join… (tbc)

Boy, this was tough!

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