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Tragedy blues

Hey #SoCs fans. It’s Saturday and you know what we do today. I’m hoping to build on Haze Factor, my fictional story which I did a few weeks ago, using today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt from Linda G Hill: Sharp.

Lity looked sharply beyond his left shoulder and a bush slowly stretched towards him and Tal.

“Wild Berries?” He heaved as he took Tal’s arm and rose to his feet. “Don’t mind if I…” he couldn’t finish the pleasantries, mouth full of the berries.

“Careful, those thorns look sharp!” Fa cried, examining the two from a far. Lity stretched his palm to the hole in the wall and thick vines intertwined to cover the hole in the wall just before the dark men came.

“Nifty.” Tal looked on in awe. “Know of a way out?”

“Follow the roots”. Lity led the other two through a series of burrows left behind by gigantuous receding roots. They seemed to be down sharp bends and declines before finally going up a steady incline and out what seemed like a watery cave of sorts.

A blue hue filled the air around the cave. Tal led the way. He could sense a disturbance but couldn’t tell what it is. However, he could tell the direction to where it was and felt compelled to move toward it.

“Stay sharp! Something is not quite right here.” Tal alerted. Coming up to a puddle of a blue viscous fluid they notice a tinge of red slowly creaping along with it….to be continued (next #SoCs hopefully. Keep it saucy Linda!!)

Hope you enjoyed guys. I wrote it as it came to me so excuse the tardy writing.

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