#SoCs stream of consciousness Saturdays

#Socs: Mars blood

How does it taste?

How does what taste?

Martian blood!

Martian blood? What the hell are you talking about?

You went to Mars right?

Yes? What does that have to do with blood?

Brother I warned you about living among humans. You already forgot you’re a Vampire?! Atleast join a book club on vampire mythology or something!

I did, but I drank all the members.

By Dracula’s fangs, you’re special.

No, I know I am a vampire? But I was on my month long diet I couldn’t break fast.

Fast…! Bloody diets?!

Actually bloodless die…

Vampires don’t diet!! So you had the chance to taste Martian blood and you did not? You’re a miracle.

That’s what my mother told me 4567 years ago as I lay on my sheep skin bed.

Why are you dieting anyways?! Vampires don’t grow fat. You look too pale. More pale than normal. You know, our folklore says that if you taste Martian blood you wouldn’t need to drink blood anymore.

Really! You’d be satisfied for the rest of your days?

Exactly, only disadvantage is your skin will turn blue.

Call me Count smurf. There are no pros without a few cons then I reckon my good man.

Sue me, I did a second one haha.

It’s stream of consciousness saturdays by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt was pros and cons.

Click to participate. Hope you enjoyed.

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